Pedram Karimi | Image:  Shawn Johann.

Name: Pedram Karimi 
Born: 17-6-78
Occupation: Designer
Place: Iran - Tehran 
Web: www.pedramkarimi.com

Where are you right now? 

At one of my amazing friends Andrew Chung in Manhattan.

Who is Pedram Karimi after all?  

An optimist individual who believes  knowledge is not power, but emotional freedom. 
also someone who believes that we are all a reflection of each other and because if this we are very connected.
who also believes in the power of love and the power of one within a whole.

Are you an easy person to live with? 

Absolutely; BUT this is very relative. 
if you are a vegetarian / vegan - appreciate your alone time / down time but also could vibe high on the dance floor at a Sunday morning after hours - are aware of your surroundings and your shared space and understand the meaning of awareness and mindfulness-l. 
Then we'd make a fantastic fit. 

What is the focus of your work?

My focus has a hierarchy structure .
most important to me, is the message i like to share. on a  general level- I believe in equality . I believe all living beings should be treated the same. 
the comes the  visual concept and the actual clothes and other seasonal details I work on. To me clothes are just  clothes, it's the story and the message that can engage you and give a garment some kind of feeling. For our ss16 campaings I collaborated with the Photogropher joseph ghaleb which should be out any day soon. 

Where does your inspiration come from?  

Inspired  by the intangible outernet and the power of Internet and of course always inspired by the world around me - whatever I experience influences the way I feel and see things and because of this my work.

Where do you do all your creative work? 

anywhere really...could be while laying flat wanting to sleep - taking a mental note could be during a realization in the midst of  a conversation with my sister Seta, in my Montreal atelier  or while being in an inspiring city such as New York.

What is your favorite time of year? Why? 

I love early fall in North America  or some  European cities such as London where.The air feels fresh but you can get away with wearing just a a couple
of  light layers. Love the rather fast change of nature's colours, and of the climate. I feel like early fall gives you a reality check  about how fast lives can change.

What was the best moment in your life? 

When in love or "in aw " with a particular person, song or a place.

What makes you angry?

Ignorant individuals or  groups.

What makes you happy?

Discussing higher consciousness with friends or strangers. 

Describe your personal style in three words? 

Unfussy, ambiguous and monotone.

Pedram Karimi | Image:  Shawn Johann.  

What is your favorite color? 

Cool camel.

What is your guiltiest pleasure? 

I have an almost vegan diet- on a rare occasion  I have some organic eggs  or an almond croissant. I feel guilty during the act(woofing it down) but won't stop until the end.

What book are you reading by now?

I don't read books - but love watching documentaries or take online classes on science and spirituality.

Can you name an artist you admire?

Shawn Johann. He is one of my very few friends.   he is pretty underground since barely anyone knows of him yet. what makes him special to me  is  his raw, off beat & naive yet intuitive interpretation of  whatever he makes. soundtrack - drawings-paintings and recently photography. 

What do you think about art?

I think art is a reflection of our society on an individual or collective level . 
it's always interesting seeing different artists explain their worlds through sound light, movement,  visuals or any other forms.

Your recent songs you're listening at the moment?

I'm listening to a series of adifferent types of alpha , beta & gamma waves at the moment  . they put you in an interesting zone. but also enjoy fka twigs once in a while. even though she is tapping into a more popular cult /culture. I like her mysterious rawness! I find her very seducing  and captivating. I also enjoy a good nirvana song. 

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? 

Appreciating what I've accomplished so far. I wish I could give myself a mental and emotional holiday/ brake. I also feel so extreme about all my believes and wish I could tone it down a notch and become more user friendly. But eventhough I love everyone - I don't have patience for every one. Some I can only love from faaar away.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? 

Insane -  everything is wether "good insane " or "bad insane".

Is there anything you don't like to wear at the moment?  


Where would you most like to be right now?

Next to my mother with my eyes closed and my head resting on her chest. 

Pedram Karimi | Image: Shawn Johann.

Thank you very much, Pedram Karimi!

Leandro Castro